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Russian beauty secrets

Hi everybody! Today I will talk with you about Russian beauty recipes!
Russia is well-known for its beautiful girls, and I will try to tell you,what are thy doing for their beauty.

Secret №1
Recipe of hair mask with honey:
3 tbsp of yogurt (3 colheres de sopa de iogurte)
1 tbsp of honey (1 colher de sopa de mel)
0.5 tsp of apple cider vinegar (0,5 colher de chá de vinagre de maçã)
Application: Mix ingredients and apply them on the dry (this is important) hair. You can start from the tips of hair, so they will get more “goodies”. Wrap the hair with a plastic wrap, and after with a towel. Oh, and don’t forget to wrap the second towel around your neck to protect clothing. After a half an hour wash off the mask, and wash your hair as usual.
                                                                         Secret №2
Chamomile lotion from acne

From post-acne and pustular inflammation of facial skin can use chamomile lotion.


Take 2 tbsp. spoons of camomile, 2 tbsp. St. John's wort and spoon 1 tbsp. spoon plantain leaves, mix.
Pour 300 ml of boiling water and leave for 2 hours. This lotion can be used as a makeup remover.
                                                                   Secret № 3

    Just walk a lot and eat more vegetables!

That is all for today!

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